Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Philadelphia Fashion Week

Ok so I was invited to do makeup for Philly Fashion week by celebrity MUA, mentor and friend, Dan Bayu. In the show, we worked exclusively for designer Christopher J. Brown, who does Closet for Christobal. 

In a few short words, I would describe his line and fun, flavorful, and flamboyant. Definitely not for the fashionably shy! lol 

The makeup look was inspired by a Dior runway look, and was directed by Mr. Bayu himself. It was a blast, and all the models were just a fun and friendly as the clothing! lol 

Closet for Christobal was the only one at the couture show with his own makeup/hair team and models. I was truly honored to be a part of that team. 

Below are two unfiltered pics I took with my camera phone of my work. I also added some pics of the models on the run wearing Closet for Christobal. The hair was done by Mack Stylist LLC ( The very last picture is the creative mind  himself walking down the runway for the finale , and you can see Mr. Dan Bayu peaking his head from behind the finale model lol.  Unfortunately I had to leave shortly after the models' makeup was completed, but I heard the show was phenomenal, and I had a great time working with everyone. 

Closet by Christobal on FB:

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Nikki Jay Makeover: Natural Makeup

One thing I have heard time and time again is people sitting down with a makeup artist to express their concerns and preferences before an application, and after however many minutes of conversation, they still end up doing what they feel looks good on the person, rather than what that person asked them to consider. This is a big no-no! In any area of service you must be able to hear what your client is saying in combination with your knowledge and expertise, provide them with what it is they are exactly looking for. And if you don't get it right on the first try, you continue to proceed until that client is completely satisfied. That is my mantra.

 In this case, this beautiful bride-to-be was not much of a makeup wearer, and she let me know that right away. As a makeup artist, I love to hear that b/c I feel, although I am more than capable of creating edgier, more dramatic looks, a strong area of mine is to listen and hear what this particular clientele is saying, and as a result, create beautiful, soft, naturally pretty makeup looks that they walk away feeling comfortable with. In my opinion, this beautiful bride-to-be is more that able to carry a heavier, more dramatic look, however, when someone says that they are "not much of a makeup wearer," I can come up with the most beautiful look, and beat their face to death, but if it is too of a dramatic makeover, they may feel overwhelmed because this new makeup look is "not them."  Just yet. lol  

What you want to do is to build trust and  a rapport with your client by listening to their needs and concerns- first! Once you have gained their trust and they are comfortable with you, you are more likely to retain them, and during later visits, be able to introduce or suggest some other makeup styles to them. I know, as a professional mua, its hard to contain all that fabulous makeup artistry you use to but, you must offer your client what it is they are coming to you for, if you wish to retain them for the future. 

Needless to say, this lovely B2B was well pleased with this look and booked me for her entire bridal party. Beautiful, refreshed, photo-ready, and still HER. 

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Nikki Jay Makeover: Sassy Makeup

This is a makeover I did on a beautiful lady who wanted to step out of her comfort zone and get some pictures taken by a professional photographer (Jazzy Images). Apparently this was a secret dream of hers but she suppressed it for over a year because of nerves! lol I think we can all relate to that! From the night before working with her, to the day of, she was contemplating not going through with it. 
Nonetheless, after receiving two stunningly gorgeous makeup looks, her jitters soon turned into a well of confidence that propelled her to do what she was afraid to do for so long. This is the miraculous power of a great makeover!! It can definitely awaken a confidence you never knew you had! Even enough for you to get the nerve to pursue something you have been putting off for years! Try it, you will be amazed a what an awesome makeover can do! Have any of you ever had this experience?

Sunday, February 3, 2013

A Page from My Journal

So how many of you journal?  I find it a good way to get the deeper expressions of your soul out in a way you may find it difficult to formulate through verbal communications. IDK about you, but late at night and early in the morning is when my journaling has the most depth. I feel I tap into something within my self that gives me guidance and wisdom. I call it my secret chamber. lol Its a beautiful place I feel the most safe, the most myself--I feel at home when writing from this place. Well in any case, below is a small snippet from one of these free flowing nightly journaling sessions. I hope it helps or "speaks" to you in some way... Please feel free to share any of your "free flowing" journal experiences. 

"Live to grow. Live to help others grow. Life can be found in total surrender to the wisdom and truth of the Mighty who created you. There's beauty in the blossom of a spirit. Live to see that happen in and around you. The beauty of life can be found in the blossom of the spirit. That is what the situations on this Earth exist to bring forth...a blossoming of the spirit...which leads to elevation in the quality of the soul. Live for greater things in this life than things that pass away. Money...Prestige...Cars....Jewels....Appearances...Clothes...
No one will remember, and frankly no one will care. Grow yourself. Leave those "childish" things behind. Live to grow, and leave a legacy. Those are things that never pass away." 

Friday, December 7, 2012

Bridal Makeup: Before and After

This bridal look was just right for this beautiful MOH!
What do you think?

Makeovers on Demand

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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Todays look: Neutral eyes, flushed lips

For today's makeup look i decided to go with gold tones for the eyes and just a flush of color for the lips. I wore leopard print shoes and headband and added a pop of color with a vintage royal blue blazer, so i didnt want my makeup to over power, but compliment. I used mac foundation, ben nye translusent powders in banana and sienna to set. For the eyes i used bella terra mineral cosmetics. The gold is called goldfish, midtone is called Earth and the black is called Midnight. Then i lined with liquid eyeliner... For the lips i rubbed a little of the mineral eyeshadow in lollipop on the inside of my lip for tht "i just had an ice pop" type of look lol :) (for those of you who dont know you can use bella terra cosmetics at least 8 different ways) hope u like!! Any questions please dont hesistate to leave them in the comment section! Thank you so much! Stay inspired!